About us

Elarabia Group

Elarabia Group is the summary of 20 years’ experience in the field of development, marketing and real estate investment, and it is one of the first companies that dealt on the lands of New Cairo and the city of Sunrise and finally the new city of Heliopolis since it was just a desert and reached it to this reconstruction and growth after handing at least 1350 projects to nearly 11000 clients and all Arab group clients testify to the company’s experience in selecting its real estate, speed and simplicity of procedures, honesty and transparency of dealing, which led to customer confidence in the company throughout the years of success, which forces the group to adhere to high-value dealings, excellence in terms of prices and choice of P distinctive diversity of installment systems and the creation of entertainment programs, exhibitions and competitions create a unique kind of bonding between the company and customers.

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Our Mission

Elarabia Group provides a diversified package of integrated real estate services from implementing integrated real estate projects and is always keen on providing entertainment programs for clients as well as participating in local and international exhibitions to create a kind of interconnection between the company and clients.

Our Vision

The company is keen on upgrading the field of real estate marketing and urban planning to keep pace with the developed country in this field, therefore the company is always keen to choose an efficient team to serve the customer.

Customers reviews

Before trying the experiment, I asked a lot and found that the most trustworthy company is the Elarabia Group, and that is what encouraged me to trust them.
Mr. Mohamed Ahmed
Good reputation, experience, commitment and transparency in dealing, especially in times of crisis, were among the most important needs that I liked about the company.
Mr. Hitham Elkurdy
The group that I heard is good, after asked a lot in the real estate market, I found it the best company in addition to the appropriate installment systems.
Dr. Ashraf Mohamed