Rutundu North Coast

About Rutundu

Rutundu Village, North Coast, provides distinguished recreational and a lot of services to its clients, including:

  • ┬áThe village of Rutundu North Coast is distinguished as being the first village in the northern coast that embodies African life in all its various details on the coast.
  • It is also distinguished by the presence of special private equipped wood umbrellas with barbecues on the village level for the owners to enjoy.
  • Rutundu has 6 distinct swimming pools: 2 for adults and 2 for children and there is also 1 swimming pool for women and 1 swimming pool for water games to add more fun for children.
  • The village have a health club with a gym with the latest sports equipment for everyone, men and women. There is also a Jacuzzi, spa and sauna.
  • Rutundu North Coast Village is characterized by the fact that the percentage of buildings in the village does not exceed 27% of the total area of the village and the rest are green areas and swimming pools.

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